DSM End of Year News Update

Its almost the end of the year so we here at DSM thought it would be a good time to update everyone of what lies ahead for 2011.

As many will have noticed we have been unusually quiet in the latter half of 2010. This was due to all manner of wrangles outside of anyones control but we are pleased to announce that these are all firmly behind us now, and that normal service will resume come the new year. From DSM017 onward distribution will be handled by the good people at ST Holdings so expect a steady stream of DSM releases in the shops from here on in.

On that note, heres what we have coming up....

DSM017 - Nether - True Believer b/w Marcus Intalex Remix

Its been forthcoming for what feels like an eternity but finally this most sought after of 12"'s is going to see the light of day late January/Early February 2011.

Nether brings his unique brand of 'Drum & Space' to DSM vinyl for the first time, and Soul: R boss Marcus Intelex flips things 180 for the remix on the flip. This has summer written all over it and will help banish those deep winter blues with its infectious dancefloor funk.

DSM017 - Nether - True Believer b/w Marcus Intalex Remix by Deep Soul Music

DSMDigi005 - 'Intelligent Systems Volume Three'

Next up for DSM Digital is the latest installment of the Intelligent Systems series. The four tracks on this release perfectly represent the DSM ethos of pushing avant-garde drum & bass from a variety of artists.

Intelligent Systems Volume Three [DSMDigi005] by Deep Soul Music

DSM018 - Anile - 'Last March EP'

Another biggie. Oringinally intended as a vinyl ep the format has now been split, seeing 'Last March' & 'Disaffected' coming on wax, with 'Seeking You' & 'Replicant' being released digitally.

DSM018 - Anile - Last March EP by Deep Soul Music

Aside from the music above there is plenty more to whet your appetites. The new year will see the relaunch of the popular podcast series so keep your eyes peeled for that., as well as taking note of the fact that our soundcloud addresses have changed slightly with all forthcoming clips now to be found at http://soundcloud.com/deepsoulmusic and our podcast at http://soundcloud.com/dsmpodcast.

We have also sorted out a new DSM webpage right here @ http://www.go-deep.co.uk. This should be your first port of call for all DSM news and you can also find links to our social media pages and podcast on this one handy site.

As you will also see we have had a bit of rebrand of our logo. We think our new design more accurately reflects the forward thinking ethos of the label, our music and artists, and we hope you feel the same. There are plenty more exciting plans in works as well so make sure to stay tuned.

Huge thanks to everyone for their support in 2010, we'll see you in 2011....

All @ Deep Soul Music