Press Release: DSMDIGI004

Synth Sense - ‘After Dark EP’

1. After Dark
2. Deafening Silence
3. Next Level
4. Soulstice

Release Date – 6th September 2010 as a Beatport exclusive with other retailers to follow on the 13th September.

Synth Sense are an exciting new production duo from Kent. Focussing on experimental drum & bass with a futuristic edge, this is their first solo artist release, the enchanting ‘After Dark EP’, which follows from the debut release, Metallic Rain, on the Intelligent Systems vol. 2 EP.

The Synth Sense journey began far back in primary school, and despite numerous set backs over the years, they persevered with their vision. With 2009/10 heralding a new found open mindedness within drum & bass, spearheaded by the likes of dBridge, Instra:mental and Loxy amongst others, they finally felt the time was right to really push on with their music and they have done just that, with 2010 and beyond finally looking like the time that the Synth Sense vision will be realised.

This EP contains 4 tracks that perfectly sum up what the Synth Sense sound is all about. Deep, texturally rich soundscapes punctuated with constantly evolving emotions and atmospheres. From the stepping vibes of ‘After Dark’, the other world feel of ‘Deafening Silence’ to the razor sharp electric soul of ‘Soulstice’, this is just the beginning of what seems to be a fruitful and highly productive foray into drum & bass for this duo. DSM are proud to be the first to recognise and promote their undoubted talent, and listeners the world over are sure to be as captivated by their music as we at DSM are.

After Dark forthcoming DSM by synth sense

Deafening Silence forthcoming on DSM by synth sense

Next Level forthcoming DSM by synth sense

Soulstice forthcoming DSM by synth sense