Forthcoming - Sam KDC 12" / Sam KDC Remix EP / Es.tereo EP

Here's the next batch of releases to whet your appetites....

DSM020 - Sam KDC - Citalopram EP

A. Citalopram
B1. Sepia
B2. Embers

Release Date: TBC

Twenty releases in is a milestone of sorts (maybe) and thankfully we have something very special indeed to mark the occasion. Sam has featured heavily on the digital arm of the label but we are delighted to finally get some of his music out on wax here.

Whilst he maybe thought of as a more ‘autonomic’ style producer, the tracks here are sure to put paid to that notion very quickly. ‘Citalopram’ is a frantic, whirling cacophony of masterfully constructed percussion. Comparisons will no doubt be drawn with Rockwell’s ‘Drums’ and while they may be singing from the same hymn sheet stylistically, we feel that this track has that touch of ‘je ne ce quoi’ to set it apart. Sepia is a something we have been sat on for shamefully long time but we have been waiting for the right moment to unleash it on the baying hoards. Coming in at a mere 4 and a half minutes what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in its sheer brutality. A snarling, aggressive track, this is an all-out assault on the senses. Embers is another foray into slower tempos with its airy horns, organic drums and rhythms evoking memories of early works by Cinematic Orchestra. Praise indeed.

DSM020: Sam KDC - Citalopram EP by Deep Soul Music


DSMDigi007 - Es.tereo - Daylight EP

1. Daylight
2. Winds of Detroit ft. Turrican
3. Dark Side of the Moon
4. Endless Moment

Release Date: TBC

For our seventh digital release we welcome Berlin based prpoducer Es.tereo back to the DSM family. Having already graced our Intelligent Systems series witht he sublime ‘Void’ (produced with Altair) we wanted more and we are delighted to be able to present his debut solo artist ep on the label.

His music takes inspiration from all that surrounds him – the hustle and bustle of his home city, the clean and precise design aesthetic of Techno and the deeper more experimental sounds of the 170bpm framework, and it these attributes and more that are ably demonstrated across the EP. From the title track ‘Daylight’ with its beautifully simplistic depth through to the dreamy soundscapes of ‘Endless Moment’ via the more rugged, intricate and pensive moods of ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ & ‘Winds of Detroit’ it may well have taken us many months to put this release together but we are glad to have taken the time to do it properly and offer this tantalising glimpse of the Es.tereo sound. You will be hearing more of it in the months and years to come, mark our words.

DSMDigi007: Es.tereo - Daylight EP by Deep Soul Music


DSMDigi008 - Sam KDC - Six Remixes Of Separation EP

1. Six Degrees Of Separation [Hydro’s Links Remix]
2. Left Behind [Nether’s Drum & Space Remix]
3. Truth Be Told [Instant’s Truth Is Cold Remix]
4. Silver Box (Version)
5. How Long ft. Vendy [Eveson’s On An Eastwood Flex Remix]
6. Six Degrees Of Separation [Sam’s Seven Degrees Remix]

Release Date: TBC

Sam’s original EP was our second digital release and went a long way toward proving that digital, as a format, can offer the same, if not greater, quality than that of vinyl. It was music that transcended the boundaries of drum & bass with ease and was proof, if it were needed, that Sam is one of the most exciting and talented producers in electronic music right now.

For this release he invited some of favourite producers to add their own twist to the tracks on the original as well as two additional pieces that have featured on our Intelligent Systems compilations. The result is nothing short of spectacular with each track stunningly reworked into something entirely new, but at the same time keeping the original firmly at the forefront of the listener’s mind. Covering a wide range of styles, genres and tempos (this is, in fact, our first foray into sub 170bpm territory) we are astounded at the fact that we may well have managed to put together something that is equal in stature to the original EP’s undeniable quality.

DSMDigi008: Sam KDC - Six Remixes Of Separation EP by Deep Soul Music